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What Does Your Will Say About You?

Your will may say many things about you. It says that you care about your loved ones. You want to make it easier for them by taking care of legal matters relating to the transfer of your estate. You want to limit the burden on those who will be experiencing grief.

In addition, having a will means that you have sought to conserve your estate. You can reduce taxes and probate costs by designating what things will go where and who will be responsible for handling the details. The cost savings resulting from a well thought-out estate plan means that more of your estate can go to family members and other beneficiaries.

Finally, your will provides insight into your lifetime interests and concerns. Bequests for family members tell of your love and concern for their welfare. Bequests to organizations tell others about your values.

For example, when you include the Farm & Natural Lands Trust in your will, you reveal that caring for others is worthwhile and you affirm your belief in the mission of our organization. Such action encourages those you leave behind to consider how they can also help those in need, and continue your legacy of caring for others.

Because it says so much, you are wise to think about your will carefully. We at the Farm & Natural Lands Trust encourage you to take care of this very important matter. We urge you to contact your attorney or financial planner to discuss ways to benefit your family and your favorite charities at the same time, through and estate plan. Contact the Farm & Natural Lands Trust office for more information about the Trust and how you may make a meaningful charitable gift.