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Rambo Run Falls
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Founded in 1990, Farm & Natural Lands Trust of York County is dedicated to preservation of the finest agricultural and environmental landscapes for future generations to enjoy.


Farm & Natural Lands Trust of York County is a private non-profit land  trust, a preservation organization specializing in conservation easements.


Conservation easements are deed restrictions that restrict and limits development on private property, while protecting important natural resources such as soils, woodlands, streams & more.


The hard work of Farm & Natural Lands Trust is supported by
The County of York, individuals, businesses and foundations who care about smart growth, natural resources, local agriculture, clean water, wildlife, scenic landscapes and more.

You need not own a large amount of land to care about these issues. The majority of FNLT supporters live on
one acre or less.

FNLT has over 175 conservation easements covering beautiful landscapes in York County, totaling over 14,500 acres of land. 

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